Got Jokes?  

Find out which politicians were able to get laughs this afternoon at the Crocodile Club’s 131st dinner, where politicians are expected to set aside their political differences to celebrate the 1875 land deal that helped change the town line between Bristol and Southington. With the election cycle in full swing everyone running for office is expected to attend and offer few jokes after the lamb and corn dinner. Check back later for our report and video.  


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Donovan Ends Campaign With Debt
He may have dropped his third party bid, but House Speaker Chris Donovan is still working to raise money to pay off what could be about $84,000 in campaign debt, according to the Federal Election Commission. Christine Stuart reports.

In Finale, Gay Dems Emerge From Shadows When he heard President Obama’s support for gay marriage before a thundering audience at the Democratic National Convention, Kevin Lembo jumped to his feet and applauded – suddenly surrounded by a party that now treats him as an honored member. Read more

Dream Comes True In Charlotte  

When an undocumented immigrant took the stage at a national party convention for the first time, Lorella Praeli reveled in the “historic moment” for a national movement she has helped spearhead. Melissa Bailey of the New Haven Independent reports.

ICYMI: SOS Goes Out For Murphy
A week after polls showed Democrats in danger of losing a U.S. Senate seat in Connecticut, the message went out quickly at the national party convention: Help Chris Murphy. Melissa Bailey of the New Haven Independent reports from Charlotte.

Trooper Files Complaint Over Dues

A state trooper has filed a complaint with the Board of Labor Relations accusing the Connecticut State Police Union of denying him the right to know how union dues are spent. Hugh McQuaid reports.

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GOP Needs A Divorce From Far Right Contributing columnist Sarah Darer Littman
Watching the GOP Convention, it was even harder than usual to get my kids to believe that I was registered Republican for the first 18 years of my voting life. I find it hard to believe myself. Read more from contributing columnist Sarah Darer Littman.


Terry Cowgill Blame It On Malloy

Can Mitt Romney win Connecticut’s seven electoral votes? Will wrestling magnate Linda McMahon edge out Democrat Chris Murphy for a seat in the Senate? Can Andrew Roraback return the state’s 5th Congressional District to Republican hands? Yes, yes, and yes. Read more from contributing columnist Terry Cowgill

Susan Bigelow Is A Republican Tide Rolling In?

Over the past month or so, it seems like something has shifted rightward around here. Read more from contributing columnist Susan Bigelow.


Where We Live | Conventional Wisdom? 

Where We Live - yourpublicmedia.orgJohn Dankosky wonders if the big political conventions actually change people’s minds. He talks to a number of people on both sides of the political aisle about whether these events are too staged or if they really do help voters decide. Visit the show or Listen Now. Where We Live airs daily on WNPR at 9 a.m. and is rebroadcast at 7 p.m.


Face the State With Dennis House

Face the State with Dennis House Dennis House invites a diverse group of women in to talk about why women are important in this election cycle. Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, Sen. Toni Boucher, Susan Campbell of Hot Dogma!, Sonya Dean, and former political reporter Shelly Sindland join House for a roundtable on issues. Read House’s blog here but be sure to watch the show on WFSB-3. Face the State is taped Thursdays and airs Sundays at 11 a.m.


Colin Took The Week Off 

The Colin McEnroe ShowIf you missed it last week, Colin McEnroe talked about the last few days of the Republican National Convention and Clint Eastwood’s performance. Visit the show or Listen Now . The Colin McEnroe Show airs daily on WNPR at 1 p.m.


Laurie Perez - The Real StoryThe Real Story With Laurie Perez & Al Terzi       

Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola discusses Mitt Romney’s chances in Connecticut. Also, Dr. Ghassan El-Eid outlines the foreign policy challenges in Syria and Iran. Watch the show here. The Real Story is taped Thursdays and airs Saturday at 9:30 a.m. and Sunday at 6:30 a.m.



CT’s First Lady Apologizes For Remarks
She wasn’t part of the panel, but that didn’t stop Gov. Dannel P.  Malloy’s wife, Cathy, from standing up saying what she really thought about the news media during a panel discussion in Charlotte on Wednesday. Christine Stuart reports.


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CT’s First Lady Apologizes For Remarks In Charlotte


Call Him Surrogate General 


Issue 290 | Morning Coffee & Politics:   

Malloy Gives 3 Reasons To Vote Obama 


Larson’s Remarks At Democratic National Convention 


Malloy’s Remarks At The Democratic National Convention 


Security Guards Get Peanuts From Fake CEO 


With Alcohol Consumption Down, Will Sunday Sales Take A Hit? 


Register Files For Bankruptcy Again 


Echo From Floor As DeLauro Calls For Pay Equity 


Issue 289 | Morning Coffee & Politics: 911 Tapes Released 


Budget Balancing Act Will Be Tricky In 2013 


Rell Returns For Roraback 


Murphy SOS Goes Out In Charlotte 


Connecticut Readies Its Healthcare Exchange 


Former Lawmaker Dismisses Leaked Letter On Education Debate 


OP-ED | Why I Still Like Murphy To Win 




Saturday, Sept. 8 and Sunday, Sept. 9

No Meetings Scheduled

Monday, Sept. 10

9:30 a.m. Council on Medical Assistance Program Oversight: Women’s Health Committee Meeting LOB Room 1A   
10 a.m. Statewide Suicide Advisory Board: Suicide Prevention Awareness Campaign & Press Conference CAP Old Judiciary Room 
10 a.m. Quantity and Volume Discounts Subcommittee Meeting – CANCELLED LOB Room 1B    

1 p.m. Existing Alcoholic Liquor Permit Restrictions Subcommittee Meeting – CANCELLED     LOB Room 1B    

1 p.m. Connecticut State Library: Commission for Educational Technology Meeting LOB Room 1C    

1 p.m. Commission on Aging: Long Term Care Advisory Council Meeting LOB Room 2A    

6 p.m. Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission: Commission Meeting LOB Room 2600

Tuesday, Sept. 11

8:45 a.m. CT State Department of Education/CT Technical High School System: Student Congress Meeting LOB Room 2B     

9 a.m. CT Health Insurance Exchange: Small Employer Health Options Program Exchange Advisory Committee Meeting LOB Room 1E    

10 a.m. Office of Policy & Management: Regular Meeting of the Long-Term Care Planning Committee LOB Room 1A    

10 a.m. Commission on Children: Children’s Report Card Panel & Meeting LOB Room 2E    

11:30 a.m. Secretary of the State: CT Civic Health Advisory Group Meeting LOB Room 1B    

11:30 a.m. NAWIC Entrepreneurial Ctr. (UHart): Executive Leadership & Business Development Academy CAP Old Judiciary Room
6:30 p.m. LPRAC: Toastmasters Club LOB Room 1A

Wednesday, Sept. 12

7:30 a.m. Auditors of Public Accounts: Training LOB Room 2B
9 a.m. CT Health Insurance Exchange: Consumer Experience & Outreach Exchange Advisory Committee Meeting LOB Room 1D
10 a.m. CT State Building & Construction Trades Council Convention CAP Old Judiciary Room    

10 a.m. Council on Medical Assistance Program Oversight: Care Management Committee LOB Room 2A    

10 a.m. Rep. Albis: Shoreline Preservation Task Force Meeting LOB Room 1E    

11 a.m. Sen. Slossberg & Rep. Morin: Press Conference Re: Campaign Financing LOB Room 1C    

11 a.m. Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee Meeting LOB Room 2E    

11 a.m. Competitive Alcoholic Liquor Pricing Task Force Meeting LOB Room 1B    

2 p.m. CHRO: Monthly Commission Meeting LOB Room 1A 
2 p.m. Rep. Phil Miller: GMO Task Force LOB Room 1C   
2:30 p.m. OPM: Higher Education Coordinating Council Meeting LOB Room 1D    

5:30 p.m. Latino & Puerto Rican Affairs Commission: Special Projects Committee Meeting LOB Room 2600

Thursday, Sept. 13

7:30 a.m. Auditors of Public Accounts: Training LOB Room 1C 
9 a.m. CANCELLED: Lt. Governor’s Office: Health Technology Work Group Meeting LOB Room 1B    

9 a.m. Lt. Governor’s Office: Health Care Cabinet Meeting LOB Room 1D    

9 a.m. CT Health Insurance Exchange: Brokers, Agents & Navigators Exchange Advisory Committee Meeting LOB Room 1E
9:30 a.m. Council on Medical Assistance Program Oversight: Quality Improvement Committee LOB Room 3803    

10:30 a.m. Commission on Aging: Aging in Place Task Force Meeting LOB Room 2A    

1 p.m. DPH: SW Area Health Education Consortium & Statewide Governmental & Non-governmental Partners LOB Room 2B

Friday, Sept. 14

8 a.m. CT Society for Human Resources Mgmt. & Human Resources Assoc. of Central CT LOB Room 2A     
9:30 a.m. Council on Medical Assistance Program Oversight Meeting LOB Room 1E