State Helps Farms Expand

The bipartisan jobs package passed last October contained a number of programs aimed at expanding manufacturing in Connecticut. But buried in the law was also a provision to help the state’s farmers grow their businesses. On Friday a Glastonbury farm was awarded the program’s first grant. Hugh McQuaid reports 


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Malloy: ‘I Never Talk To A Chair’
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy hasn’t decided exactly what he will say at the Democratic National Convention next week in Charlotte, but he knows he won’t be talking to a chair. Christine Stuart reports.

And for more snark, there’s also this, which has drawn more than 52,000 followers in only a few hours: @InvisibleObama. Enjoy.

Ds and Rs Take Positions On Internet Freedom      
Pushed by the same advocates who reminded the political class of their power earlier this year when they went dark for 12 hours, Republicans have and Democrats will include statements on “Internet Freedom” in their party platforms. Christine Stuart reports.

Donovan Ends Campaign, Makes Room For Esty  

It’s official. House Speaker Chris Donovan has pulled his name from the Working Families Party ballot line in the race for the 5th Congressional District.The third party organization has now given its support to former state Rep. Elizabeth Esty. Christine Stuart reports.

ICYMI: Senate Race ‘Too-Close-To-Call’
The latest Quinnipiac University poll of likely voters gives Republican Linda McMahon a slight edge over Democratic U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy.  The poll of 1,472 voters with a 2.6 percent margin of error shows 49 percent of voters support McMahon, the former wrestling CEO, while 46 percent support Murphy, the youthful congressman from the 5th District. Christine Stuart reports.



How Mitt Romney Can Win CT Heath W. Fahle
With the most recent Quinnipiac poll showing that Mitt Romney trails President Obama by only seven points in the state, the absurd notion that a Republican presidential candidate could win Connecticut doesn’t seem quite so anymore. After reviewing the poll and putting aside my own skepticism, I built a presidential vote model to project a Romney to win the state. I identified a path to victory that is difficult but doable. Here’s how Mitt Romney can win Connecticut. Read more from contributing columnist Heath W. Fahle.


Jon Pelto Parents Fight Back

At last week’s Windham and New London Board of Education meetings,  concerned parents and public school advocates handed out flyers educating citizens about the damage Steven Adamowski did when he served as Hartford’s superintendent of schools, and warning Windham and New London residents, now that Adamowski has been put in charge of their school districts. Read more from Jonathan Pelto’s Wait, What? blog


Where We Live | What Is Middle Class?

Where We Live - yourpublicmedia.orgJohn Dankosky explores a politically loaded word: middle class. What does it mean and who is part of today’s middle class? Visit the show or Listen Now. Where We Live airs daily on WNPR at 9 a.m. and is rebroadcast at 7 p.m.


Face the State With Dennis House

Face the State with Dennis House Dennis House got to take the week off because his time slot is being preempted by coverage of the U.S. Open. Read House’s blog here but be sure to watch the show on WFSB-3. Face the State is taped Thursdays and airs Sundays at 11 a.m.


A Self-Evaluation Of A Radio Show

The Colin McEnroe ShowColin McEnroe takes a deep breath and looks inward to see if there is anything his show could be doing better. It’s a brave, naked look at what it takes to put together about 230 shows per year. Visit the show or  Listen Now. The Colin McEnroe Show airs daily on WNPR at 1 p.m.


Laurie Perez - The Real StoryThe Real Story With Laurie Perez      

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Chris Keating of the Hartford Courant discuss a potpourri of political topics with Laurie Perez and Al Terzi. Watch the show here. The Real Story is taped Thursdays and airs Saturday at 9:30 a.m. and Sunday at 6:30 a.m.



McMahon Has A Plan, But Economist
Would Like To See More Details

U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon’s jobs plan calls for a balanced budget amendment but the director of the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis says that the details he’s seen of the plan seems to be a recipe to balloon the federal deficit at a “phenomenal rate.” Hugh McQuaid reports.


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Malloy: ‘I Never Talk To A Chair’


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Ds and Rs Take Positions On Internet Freedom


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Bragging Rights Go To The Dems,  

But Everyone Wins At Charity Softball Game


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OP-ED | In CT05, Mushy Moderates Need Not Apply 




Saturday, Sept. 1 and Sunday, Sept. 2

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Monday, Sept. 3

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Wednesday, Sept. 5

8 a.m. Dept. of Public Health: Board of Examiners for Nursing Monthly Meeting LOB Room 1A    

8 a.m. Auditors of Public Accounts: Training LOB Room 1B
8:30 a.m. CT State Board of Education: Committee Meeting LOB Room 2600    

8:30 a.m. CT State Board of Education: Monthly Meeting LOB Room 1D    

9 a.m. Governor’s Business Tax Task Force Meeting LOB Room 2D
9 a.m. Sen. Cassano: CT Association of Regional Planning Organizations LOB Room 2A   
9:30 a.m. CT Department of Social Services: CT Fatherhood Advisory Council Meeting LOB Room 2E 
9:30 a.m. CT Department of Social Services: CT Fatherhood Advisory Council Registration LOB Second Floor Atrium
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10 a.m. Rep. Fox: Sentencing Commission’s Legislative Committee LOB Room 2B    

10 a.m. Governmental Accountability: Judicial Review Council Monthly Meeting & Public Hearing LOB Room 1E    

11 a.m. Alcoholic Liquor Taxes Subcommittee Meeting LOB Room 1C     
1:30 p.m. Department of Public Health: Advisory Committee on Patient Privacy & Security Meeting LOB Room 1B  
2 p.m. Minimum Pricing and Price Posting Subcommittee Meeting LOB Room 1C    

2 p.m. CT State Board of Education: Committee Meeting LOB Room 2600    

5:30 p.m. African American Affairs Commission: Monthly Commission Meeting LOB Room 1B

Thursday, Sept. 6

9 a.m. Rep. Reed Meeting: Solar Connecticut LOB Room 1A    

10 a.m.Central CT State University: Racial Profiling Advisory Board Meeting LOB Room 1B    

1 p.m. Education Committee: High School Graduation Issues Task Force Meeting LOB Room 1B    

1:30 p.m. CT Public Transportation Commission / DOT: Monthly Meeting LOB Room 1C

Friday, Sept.7

9 a.m.Division of Public Defender Services: Sex Offender Treatment & Probation Training Seminar LOB Room 2C    

4 p.m.The Brazilian Alliance in the United States: Brazil Independence Day and Flag Raising CAP Grounds South