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PPP Poll Has Murphy Leading McMahon 

Another day, another poll. This time it’s Public Policy Polling, a Democratic leaning poll, with a new survey that shows Murphy is up four points on McMahon. Just the other day a Q-Poll had McMahon ahead of Murphy by three points proving that it’s a close race. Check out the PPP poll

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$83.5M In Unclaimed Assets Returned 
The Treasurer’s office hit a record returning unclaimed funds to their rightful owners. $83.5 million was handed back during the fiscal year that ended June 30. The Treasurer’s office collected another $96 million last year, according to CTBythenumbers. Be sure to check if you’re on the list here.
MC&P Will See You Tuesday 
Morning Coffee & Politics will be enjoying the long weekend too. See you on Tuesday! And by the way, we’re testing this new option to provide MC&P on the site as well so that you can comment if you feel the need. Check it out here



Newt Finds Smaller Stage

While another Republican presidential also-ran addressed a roaring crowd of thousands at the Tampa Bay Times Forum on Tuesday, Newt Gingrich enjoyed his own chance to be heard one last time in a small hotel function room miles away. Read more

Southerners Playing Smaller Role

The Fix takes a look at why the GOP spotlight is not shining on southern office holders despite the party’s success in the south. Read more

Day Two of the RNC

The carefully orchestrated coronation of Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for president was threatened with derailment, thanks in part to Laura Clarbour’s heartfelt heckling from the nosebleed seats. Read more


U.S. SEN. BLUMENTHAL will chair a U.S. Senate field hearing on Lyme disease at 10 a.m. at UConn-Stamford’s Gen Re Auditorium, One University Place, Stamford.      Additional Information including a list of speakers

U.S. REP. HIMES will visit the Stamford business Flangelock at 1 p.m. The company is located at 57 Old Post Road, Greenwich.

Campaign Trail Happenings

WORKING FAMILIES PARTY is planning to vote on whether to change its endorsement in the 5th Congressional District. Read more


LOB Activities, Meetings & Events

SOTS MERRILL will hold a press conference to select the voting precincts for the post election audit at 11 a.m. in Room 104.


Ballot Double Dipping

Greg Hladkly takes a look at the candidates hitching their wagons to multiple party ballot lines. Chris Murphy will appear on the Democratic line as well as the Working Families line. Linda McMahon is appearing on the Republican and Independent Party lines. Read more

Politico | Connecticut in Play? Really?

Politico looks at CT GOP Chair Jerry Labriola’s assertion that Connecticut should be a battleground state. Specifically the close Q-poll on Murphy/McMahon that revealed Obama with only a single digit lead. But in the end our small number of electoral college votes may not be enough to attract much presidential attention. Read more

DMV Offices Closing Early for the Long Weekend

If you’ve got a license to renew you better get moving. DMV offices will be closing early ahead of the holiday. But they were kind enough to offer a few safe-driving tips for your weekend travel plans.


At 1:30 p.m. (ish) Gov. Malloy will give remarks at the Governor’s Council for Agricultural Development meeting in Room 1A. The meeting begins at 12:30 p.m.


Having Congressional Record Is Blessing & Curse

U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy has a long voting record in Congress that’s been under scrutiny from his opponents this election cycle. This week Republican Linda McMahon took aim at his vote against legislation to aid Midwestern farmers suffering through a drought. Read more

McMahon’s Latest Ad

Linda McMahon is continuing her assault on Chris Murphy with her latest ad. It’s on YouTube too

Roraback Goes On the Attack

Andrew Roraback is going after Elizabeth Esty over her husband’s role as DEEP commissioner. Roraback says she shouldn’t take money from companies her husband regulates. The Register Citizen has more

2nd Ballot Spot for Roraback

It looks like the Independent Party likes a lot of Republicans. Andrew Roraback will appear on their ballot line in the 5th District. The Working Families Party will be meeting today to decide whether or not to replace Chris Donovan on their ballot line with Elizabeth Esty. Read more

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Manufacturing Climate Improves, But Work Remains

Manufacturers in Connecticut still face challenges, according to a survey of 191 of them, but there has also been some improvement over the past year. One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers was finding qualified employees. Last year, 87 percent said they had difficulty locating skilled workers, but that number dropped to about 70 percent in this year’s survey. Read more


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11 a.m. Secretary of the State Press Conference Re: Post Election Audit Drawing, CAP, Room 104

12:30 p.m. CT Department of Agriculture: Council for Agricultural Development Meeting, LOB, Room 1A