With it being full-on campaign time
Who has a chance to pen these rhymes?
Not me these days, but I HAD to put a stake in
These ridiculous ideas of Senator Akin.

But first to CT and our politix:
There’s enough for any junkie’s fix!

They’d barely finished cutting primary turf
Before Ms. McMahon set her sights on Chris Murph.
Trust the lady to know who’s the dog in the fight –
We’ll see who’s got more bark or more bite!

Can’t ask Linda though:  She’s not taking flaks.
She’s losing them – and these aren’t just hacks!
More likely the reason they’ve all fallen through
Is she’s given them virtually nothing to do!

Meanwhile Chris Donovan’s cooling his heels
In vacation waters while his campaign reels—
When he comes back will he be rested, ready and tanned
To join Working Families? Or will Primary results stand?

Speaking of WF a lot’s on the line…
Of the ballot that is – the Dems say “Line A’s mine!”
The GOP of course begs to differ.
If it was up to them they’d just Swiffer
All the WF votes to their own party.
The Supreme Court’ll decide whose claim is more hearty.

On Thursday the Dems beat the ‘Pubs but good!
Not at the polls – they were crackin’ wood
in Wethersfield:  Their softball game for charity!
all proceeds went to CCMC.

This week we found out our own Gov
is getting a little DNC love.
They thought Charlotte’s lineup would be much weaker
without Dannel Malloy as one of their speakers.

As usual who knows what’s up with Mitt.
Forget where he stands – we don’t even know where he sits!
With Ryan or Akin or without either one?
Will we even know before the election’s all done?

How can anyone get behind
A candidate you can’t even find?

BTW Mitt: your certificate of birth
May ‘prove’ you were born on Planet Earth?
But this crazy crap you hurl
Is really truly out of this world.

(Speaking of requests, I dare you to ask us:
Which of the candidates has shown us their taxes??)

Meantime in Tampa there’s a bit of tension
—will a hurricane upend the Republican Convention?
Yep, Isaac’s rumbling into town-
Can an act of God shut the whole thing down?

If it’d only destroy some of the knottier planks
of their platform even some of the GOP would say thanks!

Should we depend on Nature’s reliance?
Let’s ask Todd Akin (Mr. Science)!

Speaking of whom – and yes we’re all sick of it—
His own party must be wishing HE wasn’t legitimate!

They asked him to leave but he’s promised to stay
—making pretty much all of the Democrats’ day.

We really don’t need Nature’s motors
To bring sanity to this process – we need voters
Who will read up on the candidates
And informedly decide their fates.

Do I think this will happen? I’m no dope.
But, yes, one can always…hope.