Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will travel North to New Hampshire Saturday where he’ll make two stops to plug for President Barack Obama’s reelection.

The governor will begin the day with a 10:30 breakfast event at a senior center in Manchester, New Hampshire, Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Jonathan Harris said.

“He’ll stress the choice in this election between the president’s commitment to seniors and the middle class and the Romney/Ryan plan on Medicare, replacing it with a voucher system,” Harris said.

Next, Malloy will head to Hampton, where he will be the headline speaker at the Hampton Democrats Summer Community Picnic. Harris said the event functions as a fundraiser for the local town committee and will take place at the home of Jim and Toni Trotzer.

Malloy’s talk will focus on motivating residents to do what they can to help out Obama over the next 73 days and encourage them to engage in the election, Harris said.

The governor was invited to attend both events, he said.