The ballot is still missing. There was no missing ballot. The machine didn’t properly count the ballots the first time. The possibilities seemed endless Monday as Windsor officials and campaign officials searched the ballot box at John F. Kennedy school for an answer.

That means Jay Melley, the head moderator in Windsor, will submit a report to the Secretary of the State’s office which shows Leo Canty up by one vote over Brandon McGee.

“This was a long shot,” Melley said Monday morning.

But the race for the 5th Assembly District which includes most of Windsor and part of Hartford isn’t over yet.

At 9 a.m. Tuesday morning Hartford will conduct its own recount of the district’s two polling places. If the vote ends again in a tie then voters in the district will be asked to return to the polls Sept. 4 for a revote. The ballot will include Canty, McGee, and Windsor Mayor Don Trinks who ended the race in a distant third place finish with 267 votes.