Despite promises to the contrary, Dan Roberti’s campaign released its financial disclosure statement at 10:48 p.m. Monday evening, the eve of today’s three-way Democratic primary in the 5th Congressional District.

The disclosure shows Roberti divested his 50 percent share of Roberti Associates Global, which in turn owns Roberti Associates, one of the biggest lobbying and government relation firms in Washington D.C. The firm is run by his father, Vin Roberti.

Roberti said back in July that he planned to file the disclosure form well in advance of the Aug. 13 deadline so it didn’t look like he was dumping information on the media the day before the primary.  But Roberti has been dealing with the death of his mother, Kathleen Lenihan, and has curtailed all public appearances.

Instead, the campaign sent out a statement from his lawyer, James Wade.

“Dan Roberti filed his personal financial disclosure form today in accordance with the rules of the House Ethics Committee,” Wade said.  “He has requested it be made available to the press immediately.”

Wade explained that in May Roberti requested that he assemble a team of professionals to examine the assets in the trust set up by his father.

“Dan’s directions were clear that we were to examine all of the assets in the trust and to determine a fair market value of those assets at this time. As to the Daniel F. Roberti Greenwich Trust, Dan has effectively divested himself of all of those assets,” Wade said.

But apparently divesting oneself of assets totaling between $430,000 and $950,000 doesn’t happen overnight.

“We are presently involved in divesting Dan from his final asset, which is not involved with his father’s government relations business in any way. This has been a thorough process in divesting Dan from any interests tied to his father’s government relations business.”

Roberti’s latest return also shows that he paid off the remaining $7,000 in student loans he owned.