It turns out U.S. Senate candidate Chris Murphy is a little superstitious when it comes to election days. The U.S. Rep. has worn the same pants on the day of every election since 1998.

Murphy, who’s facing former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz for the Democratic nomination, showed his now tattered pants to reporters at a campaign stop in Hartford Tuesday.

“I’m wearing my lucky pants. This is my ripped suit that I’ve worn for every election since 1998. It’s brought me good luck every year since the first election I ran in and I’m hoping it brings me good luck today,” he said.

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who was campaigning with Murphy Tuesday, said he was also wearing lucky trousers—the pants he was wearing two years ago when he won his senate seat.

Combined, Murphy said the two pairs of lucky pants should equate to a big win. But when Blumenthal tried to show off the frayed areas of his pants, Murphy wouldn’t be one-upped.

“Yeah, come on. You can’t compare to this Blumenthal,” Murphy joked as he displayed a particularly tattered pocket.

But the lucky pants aren’t Murphy’s only election day tradition. He also makes it a point to stop at a Burger King in Torrington for lunch.

“I’m wearing my lucky suit but I went up and ate lunch at Burger King in Torrington as I have for 10 minutes, as I have every election year since 1998. I’m pretty sure that I’ve won elections for reasons other than my superstitions, but I’m not taking any chances,” he said.

It was one tradition Blumenthal could not get behind.

“I’ve just heard the first thing that leads me to question Chris Murphy’s judgment,” Blumenthal said laughing. “I’m not sure about my support now.”