Mary Weber, who supports Elizabeth Esty’s candidacy in the 5th Congressional District, was not impressed when she received a robocall from former President Bill Clinton Monday.

The robocall paid for by Dan Roberti’s campaign and the subsequent live phone call from an unknown source told Weber that Clinton supports the 30-year-old.

“You’re full of crap,” Weber recalled saying into the phone.

Earlier in the day, Roberti’s campaign sent out a photo of their candidate with the former president along with a press release with a statement from Clinton.

“Whether running a homeless shelter, organizing rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina, or helping veterans find jobs, Dan has demonstrated a deep commitment to public service,” Clinton said in a press release. “He’s always working to make a difference for other people, and he’s good at it.”

Roberti, who has loaned his campaign $902,000 in the past few weeks, has canceled all public appearances since last Thursday when he left the campaign trail to spend the last few days with his mother Kathleen Lenihan, 60, before she died Saturday. He’s not expected to campaign at all Tuesday.

What Weber believes was odd about the live call telling her that Clinton supported Roberti is that it came from a phone number that was just one digit off from a robocall received last week attacking Esty.

According to the Federal Elections Commission, if an entity calls more than 500 people then it has to include a disclaimer about who paid for the call.

The Register Citizen reported that none of the campaigns or Super PACs have taken credit for what could be construed as an illegal solicitation.

As for the latest in phone call, Roberti’s campaign is taking credit for the Clinton robocall, but claims it has no knowledge of the other call where no disclaimer was offered, according to this Register Citizen report .