Dan Roberti, who is in a three-way primary for the Democratic nomination in the 5th District, curtailed his public appearances this week to be at his dying mother’s bedside. He was with her Saturday when she passed away.

Roberti’s mother, Kathleen Lenihan, 60, died Saturday afternoon after a nearly six year battle with cancer.

In a statement, Roberti, the youngest of Lenihan and Vin Roberti’s two sons, called his mother an inspiration.

“We drew on her strength, relished her wit, and sought to embody her compassion,“ Roberti said. “She was a schoolteacher who challenged her students to make their world a better place. She set that same goal for my brother and me, always encouraging us to reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves. Her values are her legacy and will be our enduring guide.”

Roberti had been visiting his mother in hospice care every day before going out to campaign.

“Dan has been at her bedside since Thursday evening,“ Roberti Campaign Manager Erik Williams said. “However, his campaign for the Democratic Party nomination continues.”

Williams said volunteers and staff will continue to campaign on his behalf.

“In the last days of this primary, the campaign will continue to reach out to voters and bring them Dan’s message of change. Dan wishes to thank everyone for their support in this difficult time,” Williams said.

Roberti’s faces House Speaker Chris Donovan and former state Rep. Elizabeth Esty in the Aug. 14 primary.