The primaries for the two open seats being vacated by U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman and U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy have attracted the most media attention, but Secretary of the State Denise Merrill wanted to remind voters Tuesday that there are plenty of party primaries for the state House and Senate, Registrar of Voters, and Probate Judge.

Democrats statewide will be able to vote on at least 19 primaries depending on where they live and Republicans are eligible to cast their ballots in at least 5 primaries.

“It is important that voters are fully aware of the primaries taking place on August 14th,” Merrill said Tuesday. “Some of the most closely watched Congressional races in the country are being contested in Connecticut. I encourage registered Democrats and Republicans to find out about the candidates and make their voices heard on primary day by casting ballots.”

The press release comes just a few days after one announcing that there are more than 800,000 unaffiliated voters in the state, who will be unable to vote in Connecticut’s closed primary system.

Voters have until noon Aug. 13 to register with one of the two major parties, if they want to vote in the Aug. 14 primary.

In the U.S. Senate race both party’s will have a primary. On the Democratic side U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy will face off against former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, while Republican Linda McMahon battles former U.S. Rep. Chris Shays on the Republican side.

There is also a Democratic and Republican primary in the 5th Congressional District. On the Democratic side, House Speaker Chris Donovan faces former state Rep. Elizabeth Esty and Dan Roberti, a newcomer from Kent. On the Republican side, Sen. Andrew Roraback faces challenges from Lisa Wilson-Foley of Simsbury, Mark Greenberg of Litchfield, and Justin Bernier of Plainville.

In the 2nd Congressional District Republicans Daria Novak and East Lyme First Selectman Paul Formica will battle for a chance to run against U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney.

Democrats also have intra-party primaries for three state Senate seats. State Rep. Tom Reynolds and Sprague First Selectwoman Cathy Osten will battle for retiring Sen. Edith Prague’s seat. In Bridgeport, Sen. Ed Gomes will try to fend off challenges from former state Sen. Ernest Newton, who spent time in prison for corruption, and state Rep. Andres Ayala.

Along the shore, state Rep. James Crawford will battle with Mary Ellen Klinck for retiring Sen. Eileen Daily’s seat. There are no Republican primaries for state Senate this year.

On the House side there are a dozen Democratic battles and one Republican primary, where Harold Shaker is challenging state Rep. David Scribner.

In cities like Hartford, Bridgeport, and New Haven the primary is generally considered the election. However, in New Haven there aren’t any intra-party fights brewing this year.

In Hartford state Rep. Minnie Gonzalez faces a challenge from Victor Luna and state Rep. Hector Robles faces a challenge from Edwin Vargas, the former head of the Hartford teacher’s union. There’s also party primaries in Hartford for both the Democratic and Republican Registrar of Voters. Republican Registrar Salvatore A. Bramante faces a challenge from Nyesha C. McCauley and Democratic Registrar Olga Vazquez faces a challenge from Ramon Arroyo, Gonzalez’s husband.

There’s another interesting three-way Democratic primary in Windsor for a new district created during the redistricting process. Leo Canty, a long-time labor leader, Brandon McGee of Hartford, and Windsor Mayor Donald Trinks, will battle for the new district with combines a large portion of Windsor and the north end of Hartford into a single district.

This list of 24 primaries is below:

United States Senator Republican *Linda E. McMahon and Christopher Shays
United States Senator Democratic *Christopher S. Murphy and Susan Bysiewicz

Representative in Congress – 2 Republican *Paul M. Formica and Daria Novack
Representative in Congress – 5 Republican *Andrew Roraback, Justin Bernier, Lisa Wilson Foley, and Mark Greenberg
Representative in Congress – 5 Democratic *Chris Donovan, Elizabeth Esty, and Dan Roberti

State Senate – 19 Democratic *Tom Reynolds, Catherine A. Osten
State Senate – 23 Democratic *Ernest E. Newton II, Andres Ayala, Jr., and Edwin A. Gomes
State Senate – 33 Democratic *James Crawford and Mary Ellen Klinck

Assembly District – 3 Democratic *Minnie Gonzalez and Victor M. Luna, Jr.
Assembly District – 5 Democratic *Leo Canty, Brandon McGee, and Donald Trinks
Assembly District – 6 Democratic *Edwin Vargas, Jr. and Hector Luis Robles
Assembly District – 13 Democratic *Joe Diminico and Tom Gullotta
Assembly District – 35 Democratic *Tom Vicino and Tony A. Palermo
Assembly District – 58 Democratic *Kathy Tallarita and David Alexander
Assembly District – 63 Democratic *Michael J. Renzullo and Doug Bendetto
Assembly District – 75 Democratic *Victor Cuevas and David Aldarondo
Assembly District – 91 Democratic *John P. Flanagan and Michael C. D’Agostino
Assembly District – 107 Republican *Harold A. Shaker and David A. Scribner
Assembly District – 116 Democratic *Louis P. Esposito, Jr. and David C. Forsyth
Assembly District – 128 Democratic *Christina M. Ayala and Angel Reyes
Assembly District – 132 Democratic *Sue Brand and Kevin Coyner

Hamden – Bethany Probate District Democratic *Craig B. Henrici and Edward C. Burt, Jr.

Registrar of Voters – Hartford Republican *Salvatore A. Bramante and Nyesha C. McCauley
Registrar of Voters – Hartford Democratic *Ramon L. Arroyo and Olga Iris Vazquez

* Denotes the endorsed candidate