Sen. Andrew Roraback, one of four Republicans running for Congress in the 5th District, raised $164,000 this quarter and has $263,000 cash on hand going into the Aug. 14 primary.

A computer glitch and a data entry error initially showed Roraback with no cash on hand at the beginning of the reporting period. It also showed the campaign spent $213,000 on a ticket to the Danbury Chamber of Commerce event and $2,652 for a ticket to the Rockettes. The ticket for the chamber event was $130 and the tickets to the New Britain Rock Cats game where Roraback threw out the first pitch were $48. Roraback did not go see the Radio City Rockettes.

“The three glitches have all been corrected,” Roraback said Monday.

He said he’s very pleased with his fundraising, which gives him the second highest fundraising totals of all seven of the candidates.

“We are very pleased. Winning the convention definitely gave us a boost in our fundraising efforts,” Roraback said.

Roraback faces at least two self-funders in the Republican primary. Lisa Wilson-Foley and Mark Greenberg, who have loaned their campaigns hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Greenberg lent his campaign $650,000 in the second quarter and Wilson-Foley lent her campaign $65,000. That brings Greenberg’s total loans up to $1.5 million and Wilson-Foley’s up to $585,000.

Justin Bernier, the other Republican in the race, raised $61,816 in the second quarter.