Tomorrow’s expected U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act could have major implications for Connecticut, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Tuesday.

The high court could potentially strike down the entire health care law or the federal mandate requiring people buy health insurance. Malloy said it could cost the state as much as $100 million and impact 500,000 people who receive Medicaid benefits, buy coverage through insurance exchanges, or receive subsidies through small business employers.

“There’s about 500,000 people in the state of Connecticut that if this plan fails will not have the kind of coverage at the optimal price that they would otherwise have. So that’s big,” Malloy told reporters.

“We’ve been mindful of this. We’ve been looking at our options. We won’t know until probably Thursday. Do they strike everything? Do they strike some things? It’s hard,” he said.

The Supreme Court decision is expected to be released Thursday, although there is no guarantee that it will be released on that day.

In anticipation, the White House has released a statement showing how the law is benefiting people in specific states.

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