There’s only 10 full weeks left until the Aug. 14 primary, but Dan Roberti is challenging his Democratic opponents to a dozen 90-minute debates on a wide range of topics, including several on the economy and the budget.

He said now that the convention process is over he’d like to talk at length with his opponents in front of the voters because he believes there are major differences between the three. He said there’s interest from a bunch of different groups looking to host the debates and doesn’t believe they will have any problems finding a venue.

A spokesman for Elizabeth Esty’s campaign said she was happy to participate in debates before the convention and will be just as happy to participate in debates before the primary.

“We want to have more debates, but the details matter,” Jeb Fain, Esty’s spokesman said Tuesday. “It’s just odd Dan waited until he was on a radio show to announce the debates since he just ran into Esty at a Memorial Day parade.”

Gabe Rosenberg, a spokesman for House Speaker Chris Donovan, said his candidate is “excited to continue his direct conversations with voters.”

Debates will be part of that conversation and Rosenberg said it’s ready to meet with the other campaigns to work out the details.