This was the week we took off our coats-
And put on our boxing gloves, fighting for votes!

Sunday France made it plain to see
They had no amour left for Sarkozy,
But instead had formed a bond
With mild-mannered Francoise Hollande.

There were oodles of votes at the CGA
A lot of bills put into play –
The budget and ed reform squeaked right through
Min wage and jobs they couldn’t do.

And before they’d even started messin’
With the final bill, we heard “Special Session”.

North Carolina’s vote on equal marriage
Had a ton of Dems in quite an outrage.
But Joe Biden’s Sunday talk propelled
Our Prez to speak views he’d privately held.
And all at once Progessives were gay!
He said what so many had hoped he’d say.
Suddenly NC’s vote didn’t seem so bad –
As long as the Convention’s sponsored by GLAAD!

Speaking of which a special mention
To Kevin Lembo who urged that we rethink the Convention…

Or at least talk about what we need
To say as Dems about this ….Way to lead!

In some non-electoral news,
Courant readers got the blues –
But I wouldn’t want to gamble
On a CT press without Sue Campbell.

In the Legislature there was nothing vague
About goodbyes to Donovan and Edith Prague.
More are leaving, too many to list –
But one and all you will be missed.

I was very glad to say farewell
To John Edwards’ trial – a living h__l!
Speaking of hair, Hill’s ‘au naturale!’
And stories emerged from Romney pals
That he forced a haircut on a kid,
Time will tell how this hits his election bid.

And Michelle Bachman! Did you miss
The crazy? She was back this week, but alas not Swiss.

On Saturday the State Convention
Crowned Chris Murphy – but do not mention
This to a certain woman…
Was she even there?? (I mean Lee Whitnum.)

Susan B got the votes necessary
To do what she needed, i.e. primary.

Will we see the same with McMahon and Shays?
We’ll find out in just five more days!