This week seemed to be all about
Who/what was in, who/what was out.

CT is in – the red that is.
Didn’t get enough taxes from biz?
Whatever the case, we need 200 mill
And hope that the 2nd Q has more for the till.

Republicans were even more scared of Red
When $ for the People’s Center was nearly bonded.
Really? Communism? In this day and age?
When we can’t even increase the minimum wage?

The one-year anniversary of killing bin Laden
Passed by – was it politicized?? Yadda, yadda.

Meanwhile new documents showed something hilarious:
Al Qaeda thought of shopping their message to various
News outlets. Didn’t know where to talk-
This was before the trial of unfit Murdoch.

Newt Gingrich is finally technically out,
And into the stratosphere John Edwards – what a lout!

And apparently you cannot have a say
In Romney’s camp if you are gay

In China, who was out, and then he was in again?
Hopefully out again: Chen Guan Chen the dissident.

William Tong left the Senate candidate turf.
But smiling faces surrounded him when he endorsed Murph.

In the 5th CD, a GOP hot topic loomed:
Rowland literally the elephant in the room.

Rowland – surprise- played both sides of the street:
He was in AND out this week – a trick quite neat!
He’s off Foley’s campaign – think they’ll miss him?
But made a soft landing into our pension system,

Session was in, many bills realized-
Day care workers got unionized.
Year-round ownership of Santa’s reindeer(??)
And soon on Sundays we can all buy beer.
And they cast yet another historic lot:
The legalization of medical pot.

Bills in danger include minimum wage hike
And the red light cams do not have the green light.

Huge on the horizon is ed reform.
Will it get passed before session is done?
Will a special session be necessary?
In this election season? I guess we’ll see!