This week justice was in the air
Including what did or didn’t seem quite fair.

House Members voted an historic deal:
We’re now on the verge of death penalty repeal.

NORM! went to court to get a reprieve
For New Haven’s Occupiers who got not to leave.

And justice in Florida loomed quite large:
George Zimmerman was finally charged.

The Buffett rule could have tax lawyers
Huddling in many Greenwich foyers.
Will tax cuts or hikes pass? It’s anyone’s call.
How Congress votes next week could affect votes in the fall.

I knew that there would come a time
When I’d have to find a final rhyme
For a guy who – well, wish we could have ignored him!
RIP the candidacy of Rick Santorum.

Mitt’s new BFF was the NRA
Yes, he uses his gun to keep varmints away.
Who fits that category? Let me see:
Should we bulletproof the mouth of Foster Friess?

Happy Tax Day I forgot to mention—
We won’t see Mitt’s cuz he got an extension.
What kind of loopholes did he pull out of his hat?
…He’ll get back to you on that.

Mitt came back to CT again
To stump on his new platform for women.
‘He hears from Ann’ about our issues.
Will we vote for him? WE’LL get back to you.

Ann Romney did get some unwanted attention.
An unfortunate Hilary Rosen mention.
Plus we’re not sure about her party host too:
Lets hope they keep the dogs from the barbeque!.

TWO Hil/laries were in the news –
Wouldn’t want to be in Rosen’s shoes.
But pundits equate the work of moms
With the work of working moms.
Those of us who do 2-3 shifts
Know full well the difference, if you get my drift.

But Madam Secretary’s meme –
“Texts from Hillary”- made us all beam.

Meanwhile the term “active duty”
Was given new meaning by Secret Service’s call to booty.

NYU once again became the center of bird talk
When Bobby and Rosie hatched two baby hawks!
Watching the NYT’s Hawk Cam is where it’s at –
If you like watching hawklets eating rat.
I’m sure there’s a political metaphor somewhere
But really I just love watching the tykes – so there!

And that loony Allen West
Claimed to find 80 Dem Communists
That’s so redic it’s not even funny..
Oh wait – I found out – he was trying to raise money!!

Other mess-ups seemed quite fair.
North Korea’s bomb pretty much burst in the air.
BTW Rach moved the Guv a bit back on her docket:
Will a budget line item include a press-getting rocket??

Chris Healy took down his political blog
Was “Make Blue Red” not read or too read, dawg?

Records showed that many RTCs
Were graced with Linda’s generosity.
Is she buying pizza for vols or loyalty?
Come Convention time, we’ll see!

Fresh off the glow of an historic week
The State was sued by the NAACP.
Redistricting lines weren’t fair they say.
Now in court all will have their day.

Politicians in danger were in the news
The VT Governor nearly got chewed
By bears in his backyard – he almost was sorry!
Perhaps he should put on his speed dial Mayor Cory!

Bantam Lake basked in the eerie glow
Of a crashing splashing UFO.
No matter which way you size it
Locals found a way to monetize it.
Hey, if our state can attract more aliens…
A First Five deal with Mars: Win-win?

Speaking of water and being fanatic
Who didn’t hear this week about Titanic.
We’re captivated by this story
That truly is so cautionary:
Hubris comes before a fall
And make sure to build lifeboats for all!