As all five Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate prepare for Monday’s debate at the University of Connecticut, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said one candidate, Lee Whitnum, shouldn’t be included in the debates at all.

Despite her comments during last Thursday’s WVIT-TV debate where she called U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy a pro-Israel “whore,” Whitnum will be included Monday’s debate sponsored by Fox 61 and The Courant.

Answering questions from reporters at the state Capitol, Malloy described Whitnum as “somebody who’s on the fringe of the fringe.”

“She has almost no support if any. She has not run a real campaign as measured by the other primary candidates performances,” he said. “… By any objective test, she shouldn’t be included and now she’s confirmed why she shouldn’t be included.”

Asked if it was too soon in the campaign season for candidates to be calling each other whores, Malloy joked that it was, “by at least 60 days.”