Google publicly unveiled their “Project Glass” research project today, ending months of rumors that the search giant has been working on a wearable piece of hardware.

A photo of the protoype released today looks like a pair of lensless eyeglasses that have a small projection glass screen above the wearer’s right eye.  The device runs on Google’s android software and will overlay information to the user based on their location similar to a heads-up display on a fighter aircraft. A demo video also released today shows a person walking around New York City being able to track his friend’s location, route around a closed subway, and take pictures simply by looking at what he wants to photograph. It operates with speech commands similar to how Apple’s Siri works.

The device is far from being ready for production, but Google is rumored to have a sneak preview and possibly beta versions available at their upcoming IO conference in May.

Read more about the device at the New York Times.