This week common sense seemed quite a ways off
As people pondered Mega – and other – pay offs!
Did troopers boost quotas or just morale?
On this Malloy was not their pal.

Supreme Court talks uncovered an unusual layer:
Some Righties called for Single Payer??
Probably NOT the plan, all the same:
If Obama plays chess, how good is his game?
If that’s the result, what the heck:
I’ll take any day that plane wreck.

BTW I guess air traveling
Has more than just passengers unraveling!

Mitt got endorsements from GOP stars
AND an elevator for all of his cars!
If this bandwagon thing starts happening
He may have to start some more roof-strapping.

Rick’s language continued to be absurd-
Did he really almost say the N-word??
And cursing out the NYT
Just seems like ******** to me.

Arlen Specter’s Open Mike night was a surprise success!
The President’s though was kind of a mess.

“Lean beef trimmings” faced the end of the line
When stores began banning it – ie pink slime.
Speaking of which, Newt trimmed staff,
Don’t need to say more to get a laugh.

Magic got the Dodgers, saving the day.
Hoping to bring magic to the Dodgers’ play?

Keith Olbermann got canned once more
This time by environmentalist Al Gore.
Maybe heated words were exchanged
And Al was afraid of more climate change.

Megamillions was a boon to manys’ dreams
Millions of folks came up with schemes:
Travel the world, give money away-
It was fun to think about anyway.

I was gonna do an April Fools poem today
Tried to think of crazy political jokes to play
But came up empty – is it me??
Who can compete with this reality!