A crazy week from city to town-
Everything felt upside down!
Winter felt like Spring, then Summer…
Dems beat the ‘Pubs to a tax cap – bummer!
(for them). They’ve got other probs too –
They voted down a change in rules:
Delegates can still be bought.
A going-out-of-business sale?? A thought!

This week’s Q-poll was topsy turvy –
Shays is neck-and-neck with Murphy.
But Linda beats Shays by almost ten
While Murphy beats HER – now come again??

Mitt may have wished he could have fetched
An honest-to-God ol’ Etch-a-Sketch
Not to erase the whole darn week
—just when his camp begins to speak.

Yes, Romney romped in Illinois
Even if his aide annoyed.
He trounced Santorum in P.R.-
Hey Rick: It’s “no es de extrañar.”

Mitt could probably start hitting the booze
And the race would STILL be his to lose.
Rick’d have to be a Pollyanna
To think a win in Louisiana
Is anything but a small speed bump
—Unless Mitt hits some kind of sophomore slump!
(Pundits can always dream
That the others will find a way to scheme
Their way to a brokered convention,
But the chance is – almost!! – too small to mention.)

While Santorum scared some about ‘Obamaville’
Most weren’t about to swallow that swill.

And I just found out something new –
Cheney HAD a heart?? Who knew!

Trayvon died a month ago,
Ten dead last weekend in Chicago…
A lot of injustice we’ve got to fight.

But what’s up these days with “religious rights”?
While Rosa talked about health with women
Outside the New Haven Green was swimmin’
With signs about rights of the ‘preborn’ and such
What about the rights of the ones HOLDing them – much??
How is it that the faithful can only be ‘free’
If women LOSE rights – I just don’t see.

At the JJB, chairs were full of swag again-
The best was NARAL’s aspirin!
Did the Young Dems use ‘em? Let me see …
For headaches or birth control?? Check those knees! 😉

Chris Dodd went all Hollywood
And taped his greetings from that ‘hood.

Malloy or O’Malley? It was hard to tell
At times who was being cheered – oh well!

The Guv does read this poem, turns out –
I’d better not make him seem a lout!
I don’t want to get Pelto’d by Occhiogrosso…
Should I chuck it all?? Mmmm…I don’t think so!

Next week there’s lots to keep our eyes on –
An Ed bill vote is on the horizon;
The Supreme Court looks at the ACA
—it matters hugely what they say.

Can UConn make it past Penn State
To get into the Elite 8??
We’ll just have to see on all – and wait!