A West Hartford man was arrested by Capitol Police last week and charged with second-degree harassment for sending threatening email messages in both English and German to Rep. Andrew Fleischmann, D-West Hartford.

Robert Schreiber, 56, was arrested by Capitol Police on March 15 after sending an email to Fleischmann referring to him as “stick dreck” which translates into “piece of dirt,” according to the police affidavit.

The email, which caused Fleischmann “annoyance” because he is Jewish, used the term “zeig hiel“ a common Nazi phrase, according to the police affidavit.

In that same email Schreiber wrote “you are a malloy lemming he says run into the ocean Andrew says how fast. How does dannells dick taste in your mouth,” the affidavit says.

Due to the “escalating use of profane language” the police wrote that Fleischmann believed Schreiber “should be arrested.”

Corporal John O’Reilly of the Capitol Police called Schreiber on March 12 to find out what he meant by the email and why he wrote in both English and German.

“Schreiber stated that he was born in Germany and he felt Connecticut was being run like a fascist state,” the affidavit says. “I also asked what he was referring to when he mentioned the sex act between Fleischmann and governor Malloy. He said that it was a metaphor for his belief that Fleischmann does not have any original thoughts or ideas.”

When Schreiber learned he would be arrested Reilly said he said he was sorry and would send Fleischmann an email apologizing.

Schreiber posted the $2,500 cash bond and was told in Community Court Tuesday not to have any contact “directly or indirectly” with Fleischmann. His next court date is May 15.