Daffs may have loved the temperatures up,
But did “climate change” also get tempers up?

“Red light cameras will save lives, see?”
or “they’ll take away our privacy!”

Reform will save our schools! …Or sink em?
Same with teachers! Just don’t blink
Or you’ll hear the other side,
Looks like the agreement gap’s this wide.

Elsewhere pushback was a sight to see:
The Feds struck down laws on Voter ID.
Mike Daisey was no apple in Glass’s eye,
Greg Smith quit Goldman and told us all why.
I hear Darth Vader followed suit-
I don’t know about you but I’m waiting on Newt.

Occupy New Haveners didn’t have to leave
When Fab Norm Pattis got a legal reprieve.

George Clooney got jailed for protesting Sudan
March’s handsomest leading man!

BTW what are we supposed to be:
Anti-Kony AND Anti-AntiKony?

Despite his gritty talk Mitt ran 3rd in the South
And he STILL can’t seem to shut his mouth!
When asked re football trades who he’d send…?
Mitt: Not-owners are voters, too, my friend!

Meanwhile Rick in Puerto Rico
Told them SPANISH had to go??
I don’t know what he’s thinking
But his chances with Hispanics are truly sinking.

Stamford threw a Romney bash
To help him hoover up some cash…
When asked about him viz all the rest
J. Labriola was not impressed.
But Ned Lamont said he fit in well!
Props from a liberal?? Could be his death knell!

Obama’s poll numbers went tumbling down
As gas prices – not us – went to town.
But even though he’s under 50
He STILL beats the field quite niftily.
St Patty’s day might make us witness
Numbers go up: Look, it’s Barry with Guinness!

While the horrors of war came home to roost
Hawks lay down with doves to hammer Newt

For his tone deaf comments re Commander in Chief-
When he gets out of this race it’s gonna be a relief.

We said goodbye to some furry friends
Chuckles the groundhog met her end,
And the Huskies bit it in the first round??
Luckily not so for our lady hounds.

On Tuesday the primary’s in Illinois.
Who’s going to be their golden boy?
South part of the state is pretty …southern
While Chicago’s the quintessential northern.
The polls are saying it should be Mitt-
“It’s his to lose” say the pundits.

In Missouri it’s kind of raucous –
Forget the primary – vote in the caucus!
Santorum won big there a month ago
It may still be months before we know!

Just close your eyes till it’s all done
At some point the primaries will all be won!