Often in politics when an individual or organization cannot win based on the issues they resort to lying and attacking your character.

It’s unfortunate that Patrick Riccards has chosen to stoop to this level.

When the legislative session began on Feb. 8, and Governor Malloy’s education bill, Senate Bill 24, was released, we began doing a thorough analysis. We made that analysis available to our members via our website, ItTakesATeamCT.org, along with other communication avenues, showed our members what we were facing.

We clearly spelled out our involvement in the Performance Advisory Evaluation Council (PEAC). How we, and the Connecticut Education Association, worked for two years as part of PEAC to develop the framework that would be the basis for an evaluation system for teachers. This framework is like the table of contents in a book which has yet to be written. Over the next year, our unions, including members, will be helping to develop this evaluation system as a part of PEAC. An evaluation system whose goal is to provide teachers with the training and support they need to be successful.

There are significantly more proposals included in the Governor’s bill, much we agree with, and some we do not. We are continuing to work collaboratively with the Malloy administration and legislators to make this bill something of which we can all be proud.

Educators are the ones who have the best sense of what works and what doesn’t and that is why we are at the table.

Our unions, and the educators we represent, will continue to advocate for providing the best possible education for every child in Connecticut.

Sharon Palmer is the president of AFT Connecticut.