A bill launching a red light camera pilot project made it out of the Transportation Committee Wednesday, despite some opposition.

The bill, which would allow municipalities with populations over 48,000 to install cameras has drawn support from politicians and community advocates, particularly in the state’s more urban area.

The bill passed 26 to 11 with four Democratic lawmakers voting against the measure.

Rep. Roland Lemar, D-New Haven, who worked on the issue before becoming a lawmaker thanked his colleagues for their support of the bill.

“The impact of repeat violators in our communities has made walkable neighborhoods no longer walked, has made safe streets no longer safe,” he said.

Opposition to the bill on the committee revolved around concerns about the risk of tickets getting issued to the wrong cars, and a general lack of due process when it comes to issuing moving violations.

Sen. Michael McLachlin, R-Danbury, said he was voting against the bill, because he believes that something as serious as a moving violation should always be issued in person, by law enforcement.

“I don’t believe that mailing an infraction ticket to the owner of a motor vehicle who may have not been the driver of that vehicle is the way that we should be operating,” he said.