This week put me in an eatin’ mood…
A lot of references to food!
Could have been that – or maybe it’s not:
Munchies from the prospect of medical pot?

Super Tuesday wasn’t too for Mitt
He squeaked by in Ohio – not a hit.
To make it easier to swallow
Tagg whipped up some Chicken Marsala.
A better culinary fit
Than – you guessed it – cheesy grits!

His ‘southern strategy’ is pretty poor…
Can he make it to 1144?

On Tuesday Mitt’ll need more than a drawl
If he wants any delegate haul.
Mitt’s FB song list should include
Patti Labelle’s “New Attitude”!

Meanwhile – shocker – Sarah Palin
Said if the vote’s deadlocked, she’s not bailin.’

Same old same old in New Haven it seems
As elections were cranked out by another machine.
At least they DO vote. In Hartford? Not sure
If the GOP has enough primary $? Per
SOTS by law they must hold it.
Don’t want Presidential vote returns folded.

Some news surprised me a quite bunch:
The Oranges ate the poor Huskies for lunch!
Pat Robertson wants pot to be legal? And further
AG Eric Holder wants to legalize murder!
Plus the State GOP was fit to be taxed-
They want laws on contraband revenue relaxed.
(? Maybe it was the Solar storm
Or the weather being unseasonably warm.)

In the NOT-surprising category
There were some that fit that story:
Rick won Kansas by a mile,
Reason to give his base a smile.

Mitt won Guam and.. the N. Marianas??
(Ya learn something new – who knew they were one of us!)
Scalia’s visit to Wesleyan saw
Protests against his view of law.
In Russia you didn’t need Rasputin
To foretell the vote results: It’s Putin!

International Women’s Day
Passed – phew – without Rush’s say.
Sponsors continued to flee the ship
Of sinking Rush – his verbal “slips”
Were not words anyone should have used.
The GOP’s silence on this was so rude!

Our own delegation was making some noise-
First from a couple of the boys:
Jim Himes peeled Ben Quayle’s patayta-
Larson said Tuesday vote’s antiquated.
Rosa’s feathers got pretty ruffled
By the Ag’s chicken budget shuffle.

Malloy continued his education tour –
Were people listening? Hard to be sure.

Lee Whitnum was in a litigious mood.
Do I dare write about it? Don’t want to get sued.
Or is it NOT writing that is more vexing?
I give up; it’s all too perplexing.

This time last year on March 11
We got a stark reminder that events
Can make us realize it could be worse….
Won’t catalog it all in verse.

Next week: will O. New Haven fold up its tents?
Will Tuesday’s primaries end the suspense?
Or will Connecticut’s primary become relevant,
Even if the State GOP’s a white elephant?
Will Syria and Iran war tensions
Make the rest of this too trivial to mention?
Well….hope you changed your clocks before bed –
Don’t miss a minute of the week ahead!