This week was pretty much a bomb – it
Kinda made me want to vomit!

First our woman-hating Rick
Now hates on JFK? What a d—-.
I guess Rick’s a theocracy fan:
Our own American Taliban.
They hate education too, and jobs
(For women). What’s next here: Hijabs?

And we continue to be swimming
Against this horrific #WaronWomen.
Sex hatred is so Niagara-sized!
(Then why is Viagra subsidized..?)
If birth control is opposed by GOP men
Then they should just not have sex with women!
It takes two (at least) to tango, guys
Just say no – try that on for size!

And when Rush requested his taxpayer-paid porn?
It made me wish he’d never been been born.

Meanwhile we learned Saints got paid by the hit
—Kind of like Campaign Managers! Mitt
Should hire those guys – or at least take notes
To shield himself better than those cheap overcoats.
(Did he go to Daytona because he was lonely??
Poor little rich guy? Yeah, if only.)

This week we all got tickets to ride
To Connecticut’s racist underside.
Traffic cops and Don Vaccaro
Showed us how much we’ve got to narrow
Our yawning prejudicial Gap-
Could closing Urban Outfitters be a next stop?

It wasn’t ONLY dim bulbs… Brighter stars
Prevailed at times, both near and far.

Marriage equality found a hero
In Maryland’s Governor Martin O.
(If you’d like to hear O’Malley speak
He headlines the JJB in weeks.)

In several states it’s become the rage
To push for an increase in minimum wage.
That should help the wealth AND achievement gaps-
Important Democratic steps.
And Malloy and Christie put down their knives!
On ed reform, they’re on the same side!

Barack stood up for women, workers AND Omar??
I’m telling you, for cool our President’s got no par!

In passing we went from sublime to the yucky
Davy Jones, Breitbart – it’s just kind of sucky
That the last train to Clarksville got preempted by sludge.
Hey – those who lie down with dogs get … Drudge.

While TN and others recovered from twisters
Primaries loomed – almost as sinister!
Republican candidates already swarming
Like debris-laden supercells – not really warming
The hearts of those unlucky to get caught in their path.
Luckily – just doing the math –
This DOES end at some point. It’s been entertaining
But bruising to those of us junkies remaining
To pay attention – so please do your duty
And put American citizens out of our misery!

Perhaps it’s fitting that March 2 1904
The Geisels gave birth to a boy – Theodore.
He didn’t seem different at first – not at all.
But then again Dr. Seuss was only so small.
He wrote about Nazis, he wrote about mices
He drew all those rickety Geisel devices….
He also taught readers about how to be nice
We should all read through his books again – twice!