Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Deputy Commissioner Jonathan Schrag resigned Wednesday after claims he left an intimidating voicemail with the head of a conservative women’s organization.

Schag’s resignation comes a day after Courant columnist Kevin Rennie reported state officials were investigating a message from his cell phone to Conservative Women’s Forum leader Cynthia David, suggesting her email was being monitored.

Schrag told the Courant he didn’t make the call and suggested someone recorded his voice during private conversation and played it on her answering machine.

Not everyone bought the argument. Environment Committee Co-Chairman Sen. Edward Meyer called the whole situation “weird” and after being told he resigned said “then I guess he did it.”

In a letter to DEEP Commissioner Daniel Esty, Schrag said he was “taking this step because of concern that my continued presence will be a distraction from the department’s efforts to create a new energy future for Connecticut.”

Esty issued a statement thanking him for his work on consolidating the Energy and Environmental Protection Departments as well as promoting cleaner, cheaper energy.