Another week in politics
—not many carrots, a lot of sticks!

First let’s start with Rick Santorum:
Regarding women: Is he for ‘em?
No contraception, prenatal care?
It’d be SO much easier if we weren’t there!
But rather barefoot in the kitchen-
Quittin’ work and all our bitchin’.
Before your campaign starts to gloat,
Remember we still have the vote…
At least for now. Could GOP men
Be seeking repeal of the 19th Amendment??

Meanwhile Michigan’s son is still putting his foot in it.
Long-gone is the dog on the roof. At this minute
It’s tree heights, Cadillacs and stadium size.
Poor Mitt – no matter how hard he tries
He’ll never understand that money buys
Ads, not voter support.
(Until maybe the next vote by the Supreme Court…)

Almost forgotten are Ron Paul and Newt –
Will primaries on Tuesday make their candidacies moot?

Meanwhile there gathers a national storm
On the newest hot topic: Education reform.

In CT it’s charter schools pitted against teachersseemingly.
Though, it’s about our kids’ futures.
Are both of them wrong or both of them right?
I don’t know which dog I’m supposed to have in this fight.
I doubt that charter schools are in it for the money
The idea of schools as cash cows seems quite funny.
Nor do I think that schools are filled with bad teachers
Who are ruining our kids’ lives – that seems quite a reach. Or
Could it be that the truth lies somewhere in the middle?
If it was easy to solve it wouldn’t be such a riddle.

We ask schools to do more, more, and more-
Feed kids and raise kids and teach to the score.
Let’s hope that stakeholders loosen hold of their turf to
Invite others inside it – our children are worth it.

Meanwhile NYPD seemed to cross the line
When it took to Yale Muslim spyin.’
Bloomberg and Levin had it out
On whose philosophy was more devout.
I think Mike’s argument would be more beguiling
If this wasn’t so obviously religion-based profiling.
Religious extremists of any kind
Are those to whom we should be paying mind.

To say Muslims are a problem rests on
A fundamentally phony theological question.

With gas prices way up, will Barack’s numbers come down?
With the Dow up to 13k, it’s hard to see how.
It’s impossible ever to see past the bend –
Until we get to the end of the next week, my friends!