Around Jan. 10, CTNewsjunkie let the House Republicans know their website seemed to be infected with a virus. At the time they said they were working on a solution, which they believed was related to the web server. However, someone must have dropped the ball because it never got fixed. CTNewsjunkie was told Wednesday that they are still working on it.

It’s unknown how many computers in the state it may have infected, but it sure gave Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s press office an awful lot to Tweet about Wednesday.

Andrew Doba: I hear the @cthouserules website is giving out viruses to any computer that visits … too easy.

@cthouserules got a nasty case of GOP.

Maybe they were trying to upload some of their budget projections??? #CTGOP #FUZZYMATH

Roy Occhiogrosso: @cthouserules I’m trying hard to be mature about this…but I can feel myself about to lose control

@larrycafero Larry – I feel like it’s Christmas morning. Can you blame me?