It was quite a week once again,
Time to pick up the iPad pen….

The Giants came home from the Super Bowl winning
(Or, as we say this week, “#Linning”!)

Those intent on Obama’s removal
Were unpsyched about his new approval
Ratings, which rose as the jobless rate fell
The GOP will have to think a spell
About how to get their mojo back
While Barack unleashes his Super PAC.

Catholic bishops decried the pill,
Defying umpteen Catholic women. Still
Obama sought the middle ground
Where – as it happens – the votes are found.

California overturned Prop 8 –
A victory over mindless hate!
What is it with personal lives and the GOP?
Why can’t they all just leave folks be?
Don’t they want to be government-free?
Re taxes, guns and speech I guess
But they’re all up in our grill re sex??

Speaking of speech one site went dark
New Haven Indie’s comments page…a stark
Reminder speech isn’t free
When hate must be moderated…Let’s wait and see.

On Tuesday who mopped the floor up
With Mitt? Why it’s Rick Santorum!
While pundits pondered what it all means
Rick chased Obama with a guillotine.

Lest you think it just a beauty show
The latest PPP polls say no…
The polls have Mitt beat by double digits
Must be giving him ‘severe’ fidgets.

As if that weren’t enough
At CPAC Mitt tried to be tough
But again with words that failed to inspire.
Hard to believe Mitt ‘loves to fire’:
His Comms Director’s still here? It’s a mystery.
They should have long since now been history.

On Wednesday the GA session started
With odes to one who will next year be departed
From this Chamber – hopefully
He’s trading this one for the one in DC!

Chris’s last first day was bittersweet.
As legislators took their seat,
They found a gift from Cap Report
Who masked fondness for Donovan – quite a sport!

The Gov’s speech talked of past and future
Especially those of teachers.

And jobs jobs jobs but not much else,
There’s lots left up on the To Do shelf.

No talk of gambling, Sunday booze or
Redlight cameras – are they Session losers?

Hmm…Will leave that word alone for now…
Englehart got schooled in that, and how!

His blog post got him in quite a fix –
Maybe he should stick to pix.

On Saturday the votes from Maine’s caucus
Came in, a bit of a ruckus:
Too close for comfort were the votes for Ron Paul
So much for frontrunner status – the gall!

Maine’s in Mitt’s back yard – he should own it
But s**t Mitt says keeps making ‘em groan! It’s
The price that he pays for his flipping and flopping-
Meanwhile his GOP friends will keep shopping.
Will Mitt’s value go up, go down or stay steady?
Could be all three in a week! Just be ready
For polls to be as different as Mitt’s policy positions
While he tries hard to earn the CPAC’s decision.

One thing’s for sure the week won’t end up where it started
This season is not for those who’re faint-hearted

Jennifer Just was Connecticut’s Field Organizer for the Obama Campaign in 2008. She is a resident of Woodbridge.