Time to take another look
At the week in politics –another one for the books!

It was a week for odd betrayals
That threatened to send some off the rails:

When Planned Parenthood got dumped by Komen,
They learned who their friends were – people were foamin’!
On Twitter and Facebook, supporters all flocked
To make sure Parenthood’s coffers were fully stocked.

Turns out Komen’s founder is GOP?
Is their Run for the Cure a political spree?
The story’s moral has yet to be writ
But so far I’d say karma’s a bit—.

Romney versus Wealth? What the hay!
I never thought I’d see the day.
We knew he’s not a poor-people guy
But his ‘unconcern’ for the rich? An out-and-out lie!
We’ve got SuperPACs as witnesses
That some of his best friends are businesses.

Meanwhile Newt was left at the altar
Was it his campaign’s fault or

Was Mitt just more attractive?
For sure Newt’s Comms folks should have been more redactive.
While his camp was sending a note to the press
Trump was eloping with Mitt – what a mess!
“Go get ‘em,” said the Donald, “it’s not me, it’s you!”
That had to have made the Newtron blue.

More predictable rivals Chuckles and Phil
Saw shadows AND sunshine …which is fine, but still:
Chuckles said “Go Pats”? He’d best stay in his lane
If he EVER want to see the sun again!

Meanwhile in the Sunshine state
Mitt trounced Newt – a predictable fate
Given Newt’s allegiance to the moon –
Has he broken up with Earth so soon?

And though I’m writing this Saturday
Not too much of a gamble to say
Mitt trumps Newt handily in Nevada
Is this the last hand to be played in this saga?
No, Newt’s staying in – this cat DOES have 9 lives!
More faithful to voters than to previous wives!

Mayor Taco showed us he must still be “tired”-
Sir: “Latino”’s not a nation, and Gallo should be fired.

Meanwhile online gambling went off again on again
While the tribes said, “it’s THERE, but the state’s just not profiting.”

Campaign numbers came out – not much of a surprise:
The GOP’s broke, except Linda who buys
So much air time and mail maybe Connecticut WILL
Find plenty of sales taxes stuffing the till!

This week the session’s about to begin
With lots of essentials – could there be some win/win?
Reform education, get housing for more?
We’ll see what the CGA has in store.

Meantime next week there’ll be more campaign fun
We’ll see if the next states will pick The One
Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri and Maine
Will Santorum’s race be all in vain?
Or will Romney’s camp be further seized
By Mitten’s foot-in-mouth disease?

We’ll take a peek – see ya next week!