Time to look back on the week that was—
At political news that caused the buzz.
GOTTA start off with the one most whacko –
Will Mayor Maturo (ie “Mr. Taco”)
Be compelled to leave his post?
He’s not a very gracious host.
We should also mention
He’s got a pretty cushy pension.

I’m sure most residents of ‘Staven
Would prefer the city be a haven
For folks who contribute no matter their nation
Shouldn’t matter how high your station.
In that case, maybe Mr. Mayor
Should self-deport – what say you?

Nationwide the Presidential debates
Compared First –  or third – Presidential mates…
Paul: “not racist!”  Newt: “to the moon!”
Mitt:  “My tax rate is legal!” – what a boon
To soon-to-be also-ran Rick Santorum
Who oddly of all of them showed decorum.
Between Fannie, Freddie, Marianne,
Newt’s skeletons got some meat on them – can
His Superpacs re-energize
Floridians or must he finally organize?

In the SOTU the President said we’re strong,
Mitch Daniels – I think – got it wrong.
Had to wonder – THIS is the guy
The GOP WANTED to run? Why?

Next day, Jan Brewer wagged her finger
At the Prez—cuz of a linger-
Ing slight over a White House visit?
Really? Was it worth it? Is it?

A much more popular Arizona gal
Gabby Giffords said her farewell
To tears in the House on both sides of the aisle—
We won’t see her like for quite awhile.

Yes, Gabby stepped down – what a class act.
And stalwart Edith Prague came back!
Ernie Newton, Steve Fontana
Are also hoping to prove second acts can a-
Wake their bases in their Senate races.

Oh oops, almost forgot Chris Shays HAD
Joined the US Senate race this week – my bad.
“Don’t trash our biz,” sez the WWE-
How much more trashy COULD it be??

In the Superbowl are our Pats AND Giants
Straining some CT fans’ alliance.
Not so the Gov whose obvious preference
For the Giants shows he’ll show no deference.

In Davos, btw, despite the weather
Looks like he could bring back some Swiss cheddar!
But looming Chris Christie across two state lines
Said to hedge funds: “Come in! The water’s fine!”
Of course he also said Newt is scary –
Maybe he also believes in the Tooth Fairy.

Meanwhile is our budget in the red or black?
Are OFA’s or the Gov’s numbers whack?
The truth is probably in between
It all remains to be seen.

Just as not all Rhodes yield to Yale
And Dodd’s SOPA defense was doomed to fail
There will be twists and turns in the budget battle
A soap opera that can never be cancelled!