It’s Sunday – time for contemplation
of the week in politics across the nation.

Candidates were here, then gone…
So much for “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon”!

In South Carolina the polls were right

—well, the ones that said Newt would win last night.

Newt’s Ex got air time but HIS ratings spiked

in the state where their Governor “Adirondacks hiked.”

I would SO much have rather taken a gander
at Mitt’s 1040, not ‘Newt the Philanderer’
Newt’s Super PACs may all hate Mitt
But is Mormonism a better fit
If one wife is not enough?
(New diet: Imagining Newt in the buff.)

Gone this week was Ricky Perry….

…here’s your ten gallon, what’s your hurry?

But thanks to Colbert’s Super PAC
Pizza’s Herman Cain is back!
If he gets even one percent

We’ll know Stewart’s money was well-spent.

The joke’s on us – more kids now know
About finance laws than Rob Lowe
Knows football (not saying a lot –
At least HE doesn’t have a ballot spot.)

In Connecticut’s GOP

The ranks are thinning 1,2,3…

In the 5th CD I think we’re down

to …eleventeen candidates?  I’ve lost count.
And judging from the last fundraising Q
It might be curtains for Chris Shays too.

Meanwhile Governor Dannel Malloy
Seems to be trying every ploy
To fill our state’s depressing coffers-
He even accepted Davos’s offer!

Moody’s made Ben Barnes turn red
When our bonds got downgrad-ed.
How to make up what we’ve spent
When less trickles down from the one percent?

No worries, it’ll be just fine:
We can always get more from the 99!
Should we reinstate the tolls?
How would THAT do at the polls?
Ah well – with gambling, drinking 24/7
The rest will at least think they are in heaven.

Phew! Can’t imagine what’s in store

For the race next week— hard to imagine there’s any more

Excitement.  We have 9 more months of this??

What more could this soap opera possibly miss?

Amnesia, murder, evil twins?

The last guy standing, I guess, will win.

It’s entertaining, sure, but tiring

And oddly very uninspiring.

It could be folks will ditch the drama

And vote for that cool black dude Obama.

We’ll sure find out – through FB, Twitter –

Who turns out to be the fitter!

Jennifer Just was Connecticut’s Field Organizer for the Obama Campaign in 2008. She is a resident of Woodbridge.