Gov. Dannel P. Malloy knew what New Haven’s Jewish leaders wanted him to say. He didn’t say it.

Malloy came prepared to be asked about school vouchers for private-school tuition when he visited an Ellsworth Avenue home Tuesday night for a “town meeting” with two dozen influential Jews.

He was prepared, because it was a return visit. He had visited the house—Edgewood and Jewish community activist Eliezer Greer’s home—in October 2009, during his campaign for governor. The 2009 gathering had pressed him to support government vouchers for families who send their children to religious day schools. Despite seeking the politically influential group’s support at a key juncture in a tantalizing close gubernatorial campaign, Malloy said at the time that he had a philosophical disagreement with the group on vouchers. Greer and other neighborhood organizers supported Malloy in the campaign anyway.

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