Two days earlier than anticipated the Supreme Court released its instructions for the special master appointed to oversee the drawing of Connecticut’s five congressional districts.

In its order, the court told Special Master Nathaniel Persily he “shall modify the existing congressional districts only to the extent reasonably required to comply with the following applicable legal requirements: a. Districts shall be as equal in population as is practicable. b. Districts shall be made of contiguous territory. c. The plan shall comply with 42 U.S.c. § 1973(b) and with other applicable provisions of the Voting Rights Act and federal law.”

The order says in no event should the lines be substantially less compact than the existing congressional districts and in no event shall the plan violate town lines more than the existing congressional districts. There are currently 6 towns split between various congressional districts.

The order goes onto say that any interested party or member of the public shall submit to the special master 25 copies of their proposed redistricting maps, accompanied by supporting documentation, data, and briefs by noon Friday, Jan. 6.

A public hearing on the proposals will be held on Monday, Jan. 9 at the Legislative Office Building.

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