An eleventh hour agreement with 2,000 office cleaners in New Haven and Hartford was reached late Wednesday night helping avert a possible strike.

The cleaners represented by 32BJ voted last week to authorize a strike if it became necessary, but they were able to win raises over the next four years during their last negotiating session before their current contract expired.

The union is refusing to release the amount of the raises over the next four years, but they said in a press release that it increases the minimum hourly pay for the workers. Workers in New Haven currently make $11 an hour, suburban Hartford workers make $12.25, and downtown Hartford workers make $13.50.

32BJ members clean some of Connecticut’s most important corporate centers and landmark buildings including the State Capitol, Travelers’ Tower and Wesleyan University. In New Haven the list includes: City Hall, Long Wharf Maritime Center, One Century Tower, and the Connecticut Financial Center.

The agreement came after elected officials called for the two sides to find common ground.