Recent action by Universal Music against journalists from a popular technology podcast network hints at what the Internet might look like under SOPA/PIPA if the Motion Picture Association of America gets its way in Congress.

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“Tech News Today,” a daily video and audio podcast produced by the TWiT.TV network, had a recent edition pulled from YouTube over copyright claims made by Universal Music Group. Journalists on Tech News Today were reporting on Universal’s recent action to remove a video posted by Megaupload, a Hong Kong-based file sharing service.

YouTube, owned by Google, provides large music labels with the ability to identify infringing content in videos uploaded by users, and then to have those videos automatically removed without YouTube’s intervention. The label can choose to leave the video up and insert advertising into the infringing content (the revenue is shared between the label and YouTube), or they can remove the video entirely. YouTube does allow the user/uploader to appeal an automated identification, at which point the label needs to follow the formal process as outlined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

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