Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will be tying the gubernatorial apron strings Wednesday as he begins cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for his extended family.

The menu will include turkey, stuffing, pie cranberry sauce, and a big pot of meatballs and sausage to be consumed throughout the weekend.

An amateur chef, Malloy said he’s probably going to do two different types of stuffing. The traditional cornbread, celery, butter, and onions, “which is my favorite,” and “I’m toying with doing something with wild rice,” he said during a brief press conference Tuesday.

Canned or fresh cranberry sauce?

Malloy’s cousin Lynn will bring her fresh cranberry sauce, but “I don’t do cranberry other than by can,” he said. As for the pies, Malloy said he’ll do anything but pumpkin.

A traditionalist, Malloy will be cooking the turkey in the oven and it didn’t take much prompting for him to offer up some advice for a moist bird. Malloy said he doesn’t brine his bird, which involves leaving it overnight in a salt mixture to prevent loss of moisture during the cooking process. 

“The great sin about turkey is that too many people over cook it. And I know that brine is a potential protection of that, but I’ve always found I was able to not overcook my turkey,” Malloy said offering up advice worthy of Martha Stewart or Connecticut resident Jacques Pépin.