“I’ll be 52 when I get my bachelor’s degree,” James Pitts told the senator. “Would someone in my position benefit from the bill, or would it pay to go into business [for myself]?”

Pitts, a Gateway Community College accounting major, asked for that bit of career advice of U.S. Sen. Dick Blumenthal Monday afternoon.

The senator came to the college to announce that a bill he is sponsoring to provide relief to the long-term unemployed and workforce training for emerging industries is being introduced into the Senate.

“I’m here because schools like Gateway are the new frontier for job creation,” he said.

Called the Pathways Back to Work Act, the bill is part of President Obama’s attempt to revive key components of his American Jobs Act, which was killed in the Senate. The goal is to introduce those components in smaller package that is non-partisan enough to pass the Senate, Blumenthal said.

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