Rapper Jasiri Smith opted not accept his $841.50 payment for his performance at the University of Connecticut because the student who organized the performance has been removed form his position as chairman of the Undergraduate Student Government Multiculturalism and Diversity subcommittee.

UConn Senior Colin Neary said that his removal was motivated by the media attention USG received after Smith accused USG of censorship and because of certain politicized posts he made on his Facebook page. At least two other USG members have also stepped down to protest the decision.

In an email sent to Neary, Student Affairs Committee Chairman Stephen Petkiss said that Neary was removed because of his inability to work well with members of other committees and his own.

“Please understand that this has nothing to do with you exercising your right to free speech, but rather my responsibility to maintain a cohesive and effective Student Affairs Committee,” Petkiss wrote in this email.