With preliminary damage estimated at more than $27 million for cities and towns, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy requested a major disaster declaration from President Barack Obama in response to the October Nor’Easter. 

If granted, it would bring additional federal financial relief to Connecticut cities and towns impacted by the October storm.

Obama already approved Malloy’s request for an emergency declaration on Oct. 31, which allowed the federal government to provide direct assistance to the state. That declaration was followed by one on Nov. 3 which provided federal assistance to towns to clean up debris for up to 72 hours.

It’s unlikely the state will receive a declaration of personal relief for residents who may have experienced losses during the storm because it doesn’t meet the threshold, which requires 300 to 500 residences to be destroyed or severely damaged. And even though the snowstorm has been estimated at $500 million, Irene destroyed and damaged more homes, mostly along the shoreline.

New London County was the only one of the eight counties not to meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency threshold for a major declaration, but municipalities in that county are still eligible for up to 72 hours of federal financial assistance to remove debris.

A major declaration would open up the 72 hour period to help cities and towns receive more federal assistance for debris removal.

“This aid would provide additional help to municipalities, state agencies, and certain eligible non-profit organizations that were severely impacted by the historic October snowstorm,” Malloy said. “I am hopeful that President Obama will act quickly on my request.”