A spokeswoman for the Judicial Branch said New Britain’s Housing Court, which had been considered for closure will remain open.

Last week attorney’s expressed concern about the impact closing the fourth largest housing court in the state would have on tenants. The Judicial Branch had considered closing it because all three employees who currently run the court are retiring Oct. 1.

Rhonda Stearley-Hebert, a spokeswoman for the Judicial Branch said Thursday that an assistant clerk will be moved over to handle the housing cases and other clerks in the courthouse will be trained in housing matters.

“The public is not going to notice a difference,“ Stearley-Hebert said.

There has been tentative plans to consolidate the New Britain Housing Court with Hartford Housing Court, as Judicial branch officials struggled to figure out how to balance its budget and deal with the retirements.

The Citizens Advisory Council for Housing Matters wrote Judicial Branch officials asking them to reconsider it as an option.

In a Sept. 16 letter the group wrote the following:

“We believe that, if implemented, the closing will have a serious adverse impact on both landlords and tenants in J.D. New Britain, and especially on tenants living in New Britain and Bristol; will have a serious adverse impact on the Hartford Housing Court; will create serious administrative problems for the Judicial Branch; and will raise serious questions concerning compliance with the Housing Court Act. In addition, we think that any decision concerning this court closing should not be taken precipitously without consultation with the Advisory Council and the New Britain housing court bar. We think that other alternatives are possible.”

Stearley-Hebert said she’s unaware of any other budget cuts being discussed at the moment and expects the transition of the retiring employees in New Britain Housing Court to go smoothly.