Over the course of 2011 Public Policy Polling found that voters in a lot of states wish they could do their gubernatorial elections over again and pick someone else.

“Connecticut is no exception but it does represent a twist- it’s the first state where we’ve found serious buyer’s remorse about a Democratic Governor. Fifty two percent of Connecticut voters say that if they could do it all over they’d vote for Republican Tom Foley, compared to only 41 percent who would stick with incumbent Dan Malloy,” the poll found.

With only 36 percent of voters approve of Malloy and 52 disapproving, Malloy is the most unpopular Democratic governor in the country that Public Policy Polling has surveyed this year.

“His numbers with independents are bad at a 36/55 approval spread but the biggest problem for him is the party base- even with Democrats just 49 percent think he’s doing a good job to 37 percent who disapprove,” the poll found. “It’s rare to find a major politician under 50 percent approval within their own party. Last year we found 20 percent of Democrats planning to vote for Foley the week before the election- now 28 percent do.”

Meanwhile, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal is one of the second most popular new Senators in the country according to the poll.

Fifty two percent of voters approve of Blumenthal to just 34 percent who disapprove. He’s on positive ground with independents at 45/38 and has an unusual amount of crossover popularity with 26 percent of Republicans approving of him.

“There are 16 new Senators this year and we’ve polled on 10 of them. Within that group Blumenthal is the second most popular behind only Joe Manchin of West Virginia,” the poll found.

Connecticut’s senior Senator Joseph Lieberman is moving up in the ranks from the most unpopular to the fourth most unpopular Senator.

Thirty nine percent of voters approve of him to 49 percent disapproving, up from a 29/58 spread on Public Policy Polling’s last poll. 

“That still makes him the 4th most unpopular Senator we’ve polled on in 2011- only Ben Nelson, Mitch McConnell, and John McCain do worse- but it’s an improvement from being the least popular Senator in the country, which was the designation he held previously,” the poll concluded.

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