The whispers about where former Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s powerful chief of state M. Lisa Moody would end up when Rell left office strongly pointed to a position at one of the state’s universities.

After the Courant reported Moody decided instead to retire and collect a pension of about $55,200 a year, hardly a word has been uttered about the Vernon resident.

However, a reader submitted the above photo to us this week, which says Moody will be lecturing on American government this semester at Middlesex Community College.

It’s unclear how many credit’s the class is worth, but a woman in the Human Resources department at the college said most are worth three credits and Moody will be paid $1,335 per credit. If the class is three credits Moody will be making an additional $4,005 this fall.

If anyone takes the class please let us know how it goes. And don’t worry, she can’t fire you, but she can grade you.