State Treasurer Denise Nappier was pulled over driving her state issued car last Thursday on Barbour Street in Hartford’s North End. She was left to walk home after the officer mistakenly towed her car believing it was not registered.

She was issued a summons for operating an unregistered vehicle, having no insurance, and misuse of registration plates.

“Nappier was released at the scene and left to walk home when the vehicle was ordered towed by the police officer,” a press release from the Hartford State’s Attorney’s office says.

Nappier lives more than two miles from where she was pulled over.

Nappier apparently tried to explain who she was and that she was authorized to drive the vehicle during the stop. It’s unclear why she was pulled over in the first place. Nancy Mulroy, communications director for the Hartford Police Department, was unavailable for comment Wednesday evening.

The day after the incident Hartford Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts said in a statement Thursday that he began an investigation. “I also reassigned the officer involved, pending the findings of my investigation,” Roberts said.

After reviewing the summons and police report, State’s Attorney Gail P. Hardy determined there was no motor vehicle or criminal statutes broken and there was no basis for the issuance of the summons or towing of the vehicle.

Based on the findings of her review, Hardy will request that the court dismiss all of the counts in the summons. The vehicle was released to the Treasurer’s Office on Friday afternoon.

Hardy met with Hartford Police Chief Darryl Roberts on Friday afternoon to advise him of her findings.