Teachers and administrators are slated to get pink slips over the next week as the culmination of a new approach to evaluating how they do their jobs.

Schools Superintendent Reginald Mayo made that announcement in an interview Monday evening after a special meeting of the school board.

Mayo said the district should make a decision on terminations resulting from new evaluation systems by the school board meeting scheduled for next Monday.

“We’re hoping we can wrap that up this week,” Mayo said.

The firings come at the end of the inaugural year of a new way of grading teachers, principals and assistant principals based largely on student test scores as part of the city’s sweeping school reform drive. Staff at the district’s central office are being graded in a new way, too.

Based on their performance this year against goals they set for themselves, teachers, administrators and central office staff will be graded on a scale of 1 to 5, from “needs improvement” to “exemplary”; the ratings should be finalized in the next month, according to school reform czar Garth Harries.

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