Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is expected to visit CIGNA Corp. in Bloomfield on Tuesday afternoon for a ceremonial bill signing and a “major jobs announcement.”

The ceremonial bill signing is for Malloy’s “First Five” economic plan. The plan, he already signed into law allows the Department of Economic and Community Development to offer tax credits to the first five companies that add 200 jobs over the next two years or any company that invests $25 million and creates 200 jobs within five years.

So far no companies have announced their participation in Malloy’s landmark business program and there’s speculation CIGNA may become the first, but no one from the company or the governor’s office will confirm.

However, no matter what happens this afternoon at the insurance giant’s Bloomfield campus, it’s likely to be overshadowed by the first batch of layoff notices that will go out today to state employees. 

Malloy said last week that layoff notices will begin going out today and they will include managers, as well as non-managers, and union, as well as non-union employees.

“I don’t think we’re ever going to get a point where there’s 1,000 a day, but we have to get to the point where we notice the appropriate number to bring the budget into balance,” Malloy said Friday.

The process is a complicated one because state employees have what are called bumping rights that allow more senior members of a union to bump a less senior member out of a position if they choose.

“Because employees have bumping rights and so our managers are conveying to us, or commissioners are conveying to us, what positions they wish to eliminate,” Malloy said Friday. “Then there’s a process to examine who holds that position and what his or her bumping rights might be and that’s what complicates it.”

He said it’s a slow process at the outset, but “ultimately all the people who need to be laid off will be given those notices.”

Stay tuned…