When Florence, Mass. residents James Ault and Margaret Keyser said “I do” at their wedding Saturday, the applause that echoed around their home came not only from the guests in attendance, but also from about 30 people at a church in Cape Town, South Africa.

Keyser’s family, friends, and the pastor who married them were able to be a part of the wedding by using the video chat program Skype. With the help of the Internet, two video cameras, and three flat-screen televisions in the couple’s living room, they were able to connect their home in Massachusetts to Cape Town, from which the pastor presided.

Keyser, who is from South Africa, serves as executive director of the Greater Hartford Interfaith Coalition for Equity and Justice in Connecticut. She wiped away tears as she received blessings from her sister and a song sung by her parents thousands of miles away in Cape Town.

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