NASA will open its doors to 150 lucky Twitter followers for the final launch of the Space Shuttle program. A 24 hour signup period begins June 1st on NASA’s website

NASA will choose participants at random who apply during the application period.  Those selected will receive exclusive tours of the Kennedy Space Center, meet astronauts and mission managers, and be able to view the launch from the closest vantage point at the historic NASA press site.  Participants are responsible for their lodging and travel expenses although many have found ways to share expenses as this Connecticut tweeter did for Endeavour’s launch. 

Watch Lon’s report from the STS-133 tweetup:

“Inviting people to attend the last shuttle launch and share it with their friends, family and followers is one way NASA can enable more people to experience this historic event,” said Stephanie Schierholz, social media manager at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “While the Space Shuttle Program is drawing to a close, the NASA Tweetup also will give our followers a broader view of the agency’s diverse activities.”

The tweetup is scheduled for July 7 and 8.  Dates are subject to change given weather and safety considerations.